Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bible Reading Reflection (Gen 19-21)

So many questions about the bizarre  incident with Lot and the men of Sodom.  Did Lot know that these men were from God? Does that explain his actions in regard to his daughters? And after so forcefully defending them against the perpetrators who tried to break down his door, why did Lot practically have to be pulled by the hand out of the city even after their warning that it was going to be destroyed and he along with it if he did not leave?  After the men of the city were struck blind, how could they be so depraved as to wear themselves out still looking for Lot's door?  Can depravity be so deep that being struck by divine judgment such as blindness has no effect? Knowing the character of this place, why did Lot's wife look back?   Why was she turned into a pillar of salt?  How was her look at the destruction different from the look of Abraham who saw the destruction in the morning? 

Maybe I am asking the wrong questions. Perhaps the controlling focus of all of this is simply that God is fulfilling his promise to bless Abraham and to bless those who bless Abraham while cursing those who lightly esteem him.  This would also help make sense of the whole Abimelech affair as well.  Abraham seems to be making a habit of saying that Sarah is his sister so that people will not kill him in order to steal his coveted wife.  God told him not to fear, but God does not criticize Abraham, but apparently strikes Abimelech and all who are his was some sort of pestilence that keeps them from having children, at least until he returned Sarah back to Abraham.  Perhaps this is more of the same focus, which is God blessing Abraham just as he had promised, and cursing those who lightly esteem him.

Perhaps the message, then, is that God keeps his promises.  Even if one does not act it the most exemplary manner, God continues to be faithful to his promises.  This should remind me to be humble and thankful because it is about God's faithfulness and not my own weak righteousness.  

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